Farmers aligned to both Sainsburys and Tesco should be furious and demanding a fair price for their milk from both retail giants.

Tesco have announced a liquid standard litre price of only 42.35ppl from 1st July and Sainsburys have just announced via its monthly review bulletin 41.7ppl also from the 1st July, which is very cheap milk when most other farmers will receive a market price of 46ppl.

Only farmer pressure will correct this Daylight Robbery which will allow Sainsburys and Tesco to sell very cheap milk in their stores once again at the expense of its loyal farmer suppliers.

If its not rectified Ian advocates farmers vote with their feet because for sure the likelihood of any farmers queueing for a COP contract with either retailer must be slim if not at all and the ones wanting to exit both will escalate following these two unacceptably low scrooge increases.

So Kite Consulting declare 50p plus is needed (see story below) but Kites influence with the cost tracker it runs for Sainsburys is almost 10p short of that figure!

To rub salt in the wound Sainsburys forecast 42.6ppl for August and only 43ppl for September.  Its daylight robbery.

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