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Saenz Valiente, Bullrich y Cia. S.A. (Argentina)

Fedeleche FG (Chile)

Exporlac Chile (Chile)

Expo Lac del Bajio (Mexico)

Encuentro Comercial Lácteo (Colombia)

Caprolecoba (Argentina)

Asoleche (Colombia)

Asociación Criadores de Holando Argentino (Argentina)

Aproval (Chile)

IFCN Dairy Research Network

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+ 600 Thousand New Users
(October 2020 - October 2021)

1st most read dairy news website in the world (October 2021)

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Thanks to the content partnership with eDairy News Partners, you can obtain the following benefits for your associates (members, affiliates, guild members, exhibitors, etc.):

New Suppliers,
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(*) View Term and Conditions of eDairy News Partners

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