The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and eDairy News (a world leader in dairy news) have announced a collaboration agreement within the global dairy sector.

The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and eDairy News (a world leader in dairy news) have announced a collaboration agreement within the global dairy sector.

This collaboration marks a milestone for Argentina and the region, as it is the first time a Latin American digital business company (based in Argentina) has been part of an alliance of this magnitude. This collaboration is set to be a turning point with a lasting impact on the industry.

eDairy News and NZX Limited Announce Unprecedented Alliance for the Global Dairy Market

With a shared DNA that includes teamwork, passion for dairy, technical expertise, and motivation for digital development, both teams know that this challenge will be a joint commitment to improve and make information on global food markets more transparent and accessible from a digital perspective.

Among the topics that are being covered with this collaboration with NZX, is market information on milk production, dairy trade within key regions of the dairy industry from the point of view of New Zealand, the Pacific region and Asia, as well as the results summary of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) events.


The Present of Two Giants in the International Dairy Market

For some time, NZX has been considered New Zealand’s primary trading platform for providing a market for the buying and selling of shares, derivatives, and other financial instruments, including via their strategic partnership with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) for the SGX-NZX Global Dairy Futures and Options contracts. It has a recognized track record in the dairy market of Oceania and the world, representing a fundamental pillar in trade and investment within the sector.

Its reputation as a key player in facilitating transactions and driving innovation in the dairy market is indisputable, thanks to the quality of the reports on local and global market trends created by its Dairy Data & Insights business division. This team offers its clients valuable data and precise analyses on local and global market trends, supported by over 25 years of experience and historical information, through accessible reports, tools such as the milk price calculator and the pasture growth index, and email updates.

The timing for eDairy News could not be better. For the fifth consecutive year, it remains the undisputed leader in dairy news visits worldwide with its five editions (Spanish, Portuguese, English, Mexico, and India). eDairy News provides comprehensive communication coverage for the dissemination of relevant information for the sector and is an integral part of the eDairy Corp digital business group, which also includes the dairy marketplace, eDairy Market.


Teamwork and Digital Disruption in the Dairy Market


This alliance was made possible thanks to the work done by both teams. On one side, the Dairy Data & Insights team at NZX, led by Cristina Alvarado, and the communication team of eDairy News, led by Gonzalo Battaglino, working together to achieve this collaboration agreement.

The participation of eDairy News and NZX in this alliance highlights their ongoing commitment to the advancement and improvement of understanding the sector, thus underlining the strategic importance of this initiative for the global dairy market.

With this agreement, NZX and eDairy News are opening the doors to a new era in the dairy market, with accessible information, driving competitiveness and progress in the industry. Setting the course for a brighter and more collaborative future for the global dairy industry.

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