In an industry where traditional transactional business is the norm, international dairy company Pure Dairy today unveiled a comprehensive rebranding, reflecting a new direction based on close strategic partnerships, innovative solutions and first-principles thinking.

Dairy company logos traditionally feature stylised cows, green grass and sunny skies. But, as confirmed by today’s rebranding announcement, the world of dairy is about to see something different. Climate change, pandemics, armed conflicts and rapidly developing technologies put production and logistics in a state of constant flux, whilst consumer demand for new tastes, animal-friendly, healthy products and traceability spread at the speed of social media. So, the future of dairy is not about settling for one solution. It’s about constantly looking for new opportunities, always employing the most powerful way to think about dairy.


      • Pure Dairy is a case in point.


Established in Melbourne in 2011, Pure Dairy is a privately held company that has evolved from a foundation of dairy commodity trading to include a full range of consulting and trade services across commodity, foodservices and retail. The company has grown exponentially since inception and today has four international offices and a trading network covering some 72 countries. Says Adrian Josephson, Executive Chairman at Pure Dairy, “the reason for Pure Dairy’s success is our thought leadership across products, logistics, financing and risk management. As an independent dairy consultant and trade facilitator, our multi-disciplinary team has the insights to find any solution to any problem, which helps create value for our customers and consumers.”


      • Cue Pure Dairy’s rebranding.


Pure Dairy’s new logo is a telltale sign of the industry’s shift in focus, from mechanical aspects of supply and demand to close partnerships and shared knowledge. “With our partners and experienced dairy experts from right around the world, we connect the dots, explains Adrian. “We bring people together, uniting a multitude of unique perspectives to deliver well-informed strategies and solutions. And we maintain a network where everything you need is connected. With Pure Dairy, you always have a direct line to the right people, data, business assets and products. That’s why our new brand visuals often include elements of our logo running through different aspects of the dairy industry.


A lot of philosophising, for sure, but it kind of sums up what we do at Pure Dairy. We combine many strengths and insights to discover how even the smallest details feed into new concepts and relationships.”

Competing with large international corporations, Pure Dairy are today also launching new websites for their corporate and trade divisions, and further major announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit or contact Kristian Dow on +61 492 138 724

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