The climate has always changed, what has not changed is the crucial contribution of those who produce food for our survival on earth.
The myth of climate change Why do we demonize food production

The IPCC says that 3% of annual emissions are of anthropogenic origin. Why is that 3% driving climate change and not the other 97%? Why are the ways in which our food is produced under attack, bringing us back to medieval methodologies, times of famine and death?

Climate has always changed, and in the past it has changed more and faster than we imagine.

Sea level has always moved, and not just the couple of millimeters we are freaking out about today, but there were changes of up to 1500 meters.

The atmosphere now has less than 0.04% of C02 than it has had in the history of time, and where did all that C02 go? It went into chalk, seashells, limestone and life, and we’ve only been sequestering C02 from the atmosphere for 2.5 billion years!

C02 is a natural gas, which has dominated the atmosphere for a very long time, and is now at a dangerously low level. If we halved the amount of C02 in the atmosphere, we would wipe out land plants, because C02 is plant food. Not a pollutant.

We are currently in an ice age, which began 34 million years ago, when South America separated from Antarctica. For less than 20% of that period, the planet was very cold. In the remaining 80%, the climate has been warmer and wetter and there has been more C02 in the atmosphere. And what did life do? It thrived.

Six of the six great Ice Ages began when the C02 content of the atmosphere was a thousand times higher than it is today. There is no evidence, that is not rigged, that C02 has influenced the climate.

The main driver of climate is the sun. Our orbit changes from elliptical to circular, and we have a cycle of 90,000 years of cold and 10,000 years of warm. We are now in one of those warm cycles.

Every 43,000 years, the Earth’s axis changes a little bit. And every 21,000 years we have a little wobble. Every once in a while we get cosmic rays from a supernova.

Every year the continents move a little bit at high speed, changing the thermal balance of the earth, driven by ocean currents: the oceans carry much more heat than the atmosphere.

Of 1500 volcanoes on the surface of planet Earth, we measure only 20, and we know that some C02 escapes from them. And there are at least 3.47 million volcanoes under the sea, which clearly give off enormous amounts of C02.

Temperatures have been accurately measured since 1850, with an accuracy of +- 1C°, but we think that an increase of 0.7°C is going to cause a disaster, that a grazing cow pollutes more than an airplane in flight and that food producers need to be decimated.

That milk will kill us all if meat does not kill us first, and that it is better to swallow ultra-processed laboratory products than the food provided by nature.

Environmental propaganda is imposed on us without the opportunity to critically question it, starting in kindergarten. How much of the last 330 years of warming is due to human activity and how much is natural? From when did producing food become undignified?

Climate research has become a fad and a perverse and corrupt whim that moves untold amounts of money, wiping the floor with the values of Science and the Scientific method.

Under the irresistible argument of taking care of our planet, we enter into the game that humans are left over on earth and that we only do harm to it; and we favor the divine but lying theory, which makes noble and unsuspecting people self-destruct and feel they have the right to destroy us all.

It is the purpose of a few who dream that the world belongs to them. Let us revive ourselves.

Dairy consumption is good for us! And producing them is a noble task that we should revere. Let’s take care of our farmers.

Valeria Hamann, with information from Ian Rutherford Plimer and Prof. Klein, on Climate Change, Conference.

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